Sunday, March 1, 2015


I am the Artist for the up and coming Graphic Novel: BURDENS OF DRACO.




These are some of the preliminary character sketches I'm doing to prepare for the book.  The script is finished and complete.  The only thing that is left is for me to actually sit down and draw it.  It's looking like it's going to be a 300 page full color sci-fi explosion of epic goodness… which is a ridiculously massive undertaking on my part… but one I am super excited to tackle.  If you are into drawing comics, you realize what I'm talking about here.  To take a page from script to thumbnails to full sized roughs to finished pencils to inks to colors and then add lettering is a super intensive process.  So this blog is a sneak peek into that process.

The writer and I plan on launching a KICKSTARTER summer 2015 to enable me to take the time to bring this dream of ours to life.  

I'll be posting updates at we get closer to that event, exclusive content such as free wallpapers, sketches and scribbles, concept and design art, page layouts and thumbnails, and even some finished pages.  So if you've ever wanted to see first hand what goes into making comics, check back often.

Because this is such a massive project we plan on releasing the chapters as they are completed in PDF format for those who support the Kickstarter, that way you can read the comic as it happens, before you get your Giant Sized Book in the mail.

Thanks in advance for the support.  Questions and Comments are always welcome.


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