Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well, after nine months of drawing assignments for school, I finally made it home for the summer… and I finally got my studio space set up.  Packing and unpacking is probably the worst part of moving.  Just moving stuff is whatever, you just make your body do it, you don't have think about it, you can go on auto-pilot… but to pack and especially unpack, you have to use brain power, you have to think… it's exhausting.  :p

I've got the 21 page script for "Draco at War" printed out and on my table, I'll be spending the bulk of this summer trying to get that drawn and ready for print.

Also, keep an eye out this summer for the KICKSTARTER for Burdens of Draco, an 80 page graphic novel that we hope to release.   We ultimately decided to split up Burdens of Draco into 4, 80 page, graphic novel volumes so the wait wouldn't be as long for print and so it would be more manageable to produce.  The Kickstarter will help us get that first book made, and make sure that you get a copy of it mailed to you as soon as it's printed.  Plus we'll have other cool limited Draco items available that I'm pretty excited about.

That's about it for now, I'll post some art as I begin to tackle Draco at War.

Enjoy your summer!