Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NINJAS and ROBOTS are Coming!!!


Hey guys!  Long time no see, hope everyone is well.  Update:  the Ninjas and Robots Kickstarter is LIVE and at this point there is roughly 3 DAYS LEFT in the game.  

For those of you who just happened to stumble on this, Ninjas and Robots has been a project in the works for a long time.  It has had another name, but much of the elements and characters have stayed the same.  It's taken me awhile to work out what it should be... and it's still being worked out.  This first book, Ninjas and Robots, a graphic novel, is hopefully just the beginning.

The Kickstarter has done really well.  The graphic novel itself was awarded a Grant for black and white publishing, but after spending a great deal of time working on the project, I really felt like it was something that would best be expressed in color.  Hence the Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter's main purpose was to enable the project to be printed in color.   The Kickstarter's secondary purpose was to offer a single convenient place for people who were interested, to PRE-ORDER the graphic novel.  And to make it more fun, there will also be an Art of Ninjas and Robots Book, a Kickstarter exclusive T-shirt, and some other fun stuff and goodies.  

There are sample pages up and more project info is available there.  

Get READY!!!


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